Paris Photo 2003

(Carousel du Louvre)
13 - 16 November
Evening preview: 12. Nov. 7.00 p.m. to 11.00 p.m.
Booth No.: D 3 (Salle DELORME)
Fon on the fair: + 49 171 4732976

For the "young german photographers" special at Paris Photo, Galerie David will present works by Sinje Dillenkofer (born1959), Stefan Kiess (born 1955) and Petra Kaltenmorgen (born 1964).
The gallery will also show classical photos of the 20th century, such as Bauhaus, 20ies and 30ies, Weimar and fotoform (Albert Renger-Patzsch, Hannes Kilian, Erich Comeriner, Max Baur, Umbo, Hans Finsler, Yva, Isaac Kalter e.a.)

Stefan Kiess: That they are photographically produced pictures, i.e. pictures originating from light and silver - photographs - is undisputed. We see it in some relicts, barely recognisable, but also in the quality of the radiating black dots ... such sensitive lines do not come about merely using light and chemistry...
Stefan Kiess's pictures create new visions: identical structures are offset minimally against each other, creating completely unexpected intermediate spaces ... but there are also pictures with fine, white superpositions, far removed from the nameable - they are only lines and surface interplay, stark, graphic. He achieves remarkable tone values: highly differentiated grey, gentle white. He uses the resources of his archive, creates new raw material and works out new picture concepts: - a new world emerges on the light table - pictures that no longer follow photographic laws but seem to be more drawn, painted, two-dimensional. His pictures are built, constructed, composed, laid out ... negatives become quarries and are used again and again in a different, new context, layered on top of each other, copied - until the idea of the picture condenses to become the very picture itself ...
His formal language uses all the picture inventions - abstraction, concrete, informal. He makes new creations - his process is photographic, the results only in part...

Sinje Dillenkofer's photos showing surfaces, cavities and cracks provoke a strong ambivalence of the lectures or perceptions they offer. This ambivalence is based on the original constellation of these photos: they are thoroughly showing "objects" that hide or ... something absent in form of a visible or marked cavity.

Petra Kaltenmorgen is a photographer. She takes photos of things. That's it. This is how one might conclude a review of her first big solo show at Kunstverein Freiburg. You find that same sobriety in Kaltenmorgen's photographs. It's neither the use of an extremely sophisticated or an awfully expensive technique nor the intentional recourse to low tech that interests her. Petra Kaltenmorgen takes photos in a natural way: a chair, a sugar can, a chest. Against a neutral background, the object occupying the whole format of the picture, the camera close-up without being investigative. Each of the things which the photographer puts in the picture refers only to itself. Of course, Kaltenmorgen as well arranges her objects. Yet, she does it in a way that's free of any theatrical impact but which underlines the sculptural character. For each object, the artist chooses the perfect framing and the ideal perspective. And this is how she gives a look at the character of things.

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